Welcome to the JTrack Platform

JTrack is an open-source and free of charge platform for remote assessments of an individual’s in situ using smartphones. JTrack was developed in the group Biomarker Development at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine 7 (Brain and Behaviour) of the Research Center Jülich. It is an adaptable, configurable, and scalable platform that prioritizes security and privacy. JTrack is more than a single application, you can create, manage a study and, share your collected data using one platform. if you are interested in using JTrack in your studies please reach out to us at biomarkers.inm7 [at] gmail.com

JTrack platform includes:

  • JTrack Social

  • JTrack EMA

  • JDash



JTrack: A Digital Biomarker Platform for Remote Monitoring of Daily-Life Behaviour in Health and Disease

System Comparison for Gait and Balance Monitoring Used for the Evaluation of a Home-Based Training

JTrack-EMA+: A Cross-platform Ecological Momentary Assessment Application (preprint)

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